What did they say?


“With the right advice and support you don’t need to be afraid. Billy/Robin Stenhouse

Baguette Express

Who were Baguette Express when AMO got involved?

Robin and Billy Stenhouse, realised after opening their seventh outlet that they had reached a critical mass and further growth of Baguette Express would need a whole new business model. Instead of running the shops themselves the brothers decided to have a look at the franchising route and soon found that the new approach suited their company perfectly.

How did we help Robin & Billy?

Baguette Express was a very strong candidate for franchising. The business was profitable, it had a simple, uncluttered concept with a clearly defined market of small towns with up to 20,000 people. Most importantly, the company already had seven shops, proving that it was a viable and successful operation. AMO was beside them all the way – from help with the feasibility study, to developing the franchise prospectus, working on the recruitment process and writing the operations manual. Early on we decided that we need to make sure that Baguette Express punched above its weight so AMO introduced them to a design company to develop a look like a national chain right from the start.

Where are Billy & Robin now?

Baguette Express now has over 70 stores operating in the UK and are now working on growing an international franchise system.

To find out more about Baguette Express, have a look at their website: www.baguette-express.co.uk